HAIL goes public

Although somewhat late, as Hildon were made public some months ago, I want to announce that HAIL was moved today to gitorious (better late than never).

HAIL stands for Hildon Accessibility Implementation Library. This is basically a GAIL extension, in the same way that Hildon is a widget extension to Gtk+. HAIL provides the a11y support for the Hildon widgets, included the new and fancy widgets created for Fremantle, the old libhildondesktop1 and the hildon file manager.

At last, just comment that Cally development is still in process, some bugs were resolved this months. Right now I’m working on the text changed, caret-moved and focus events management, and there is already a branch with a first solution.

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    1. Thank you.

      No, we didn’t try to use (or compile) Orca for the maemo plattform, although someone asked on the list about that some months ago here

      AFAIK, nobody has tried that (as I was the only one answering his question). In the same way, there was a brief comment on the orca list about orca and maemo.

      Anyway, I agree that it would be a great idea to port Orca to the maemo platform, and it have a lot of possibilities with a device like the N900.

      Finally, about publicising the GUI testing, some years ago Nokia made a attempt to start a public testing project in garage.maemo, called hildon-test-aut, but I think that it was not really successful, AFAIS.

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