And finally Cally talks

Cally was somewhat stuck during December due Christmas and parallel projects, but January was a productive month.

A ClutterText bug was committed, and this allowed to push several cally bugs solutions and other blocked local commits, and going forward to do a real test of Cally with ORCA. The idea was being able to run the toy-cally examples with ORCA before move to bigger things. So bug 1946 was created with several comparative cally-gail test cases. I want to give thanks to Joanmarie for all her help as ORCA expert, testing and bug detection.

As I said, this bug leads to detect some extra bugs (on clutter and on cally). Finally these bugs were solved, so now you can use ORCA with the cally text examples.

During this task, I personally discovered that the manipulation of keyboard codes is something near to hell, and that currently Gdk and Clutter has a slightly different behaviour. This would lead to problems using the ATK interfaces, as AtkKeyEventStruct was defined really tied to GDK (at that moment the use case to contemplate). I tried to minimize that on Cally as far as possible.

Next steps? While I was working in this bug MX team announce the 0.5 release. This announce include the addition of MxFocusable and MxFocusManager, used to improve the keyboard focus management. I would like to check if it will be useful for keyboard navigation bugs in gnome-shell, as Owen Taylor suggested in the mailing list.

BTW, I have added a Cally page on live gnome,

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