Talking on GUADEC ES before going to GUADEC

Today I’m assisting GUADEC-ES 7. As Berto told before, this year it is being organized in Coruña, in the same faculty I have been studying. Just 10 minutes from my home, so no excuse to not give a talk there.

I have just done that. It was in spanish, but a translated title would be “GNOME Accessibility: How it works, current status and his future towards GNOME 3.0”. The first part of this talk is a general description, and the other is a narrative form of the current GNOME 3.0 “accessibility issues list” that the accessibility community is reviewing in each weekly meeting.

I will upload the slides soon (sorry, in spanish).

Next step: GUADEC

Cally integrated on Clutter

I will stop making Cally releases. This is because this Wednesday something important (from Cally POV) happened. Cally source code was moved to Clutter repository.

Some people could think that this is the same that happened to GAIL, that started as a isolated library, and then was moved to GTK+ repository. But there is a major difference. GAIL is still a runtime loadable module, and compiles against GTK+ as a independent library. So this was just basically a GAIL source code move.

But now Cally is not a loadable module anymore. It is part of Clutter. Clutter calls Cally directly in order to start accessibility support, so accessibility becomes one of the pieces of Clutter, instead of a external plugin providing this feature. I would like to thank Emmanuele Bassi for all the work done in this integration. In fact this integration was his idea, during the discussion of two bugs related to how to use/load Cally in gnome-shell, during the GNOME accessibility hackfest on CSUN.

I hope this change makes things easier. Now we still have to implement a proper way to load the bridge between Cally (the ATK implementation) and AT-SPI, the atk-bridge.

Bridge to Cally

BTW, I’m going to guadec, so this means that I need to put here this:

Going to GUADEC

And I will have there a talk about Cally, at first scheduled on Wednesday 28th July. See you there.