Alejandro Piñeiro Iglesias talking, I was born at Vigo, but I have been living at Coruña for several years, since I was almost 5 years old.

I always liked computer science, first because videogames (do you remember the Atari2600?) . Technically my first programming language was LOGO, but I don’t remember it at all. My first real programming language was Pascal, moving to C really quickly, all during high school. Later  I coursed computer science at FIC, and I became a Computer Science Engineer.

Currently I’m worker and partner of Igalia. Several of my free software contributions are related with different GNOME-related projects, mostly with the Accessibility Team. My first public work was the ATK implementation for Clutter. This was the base of the accessibility support for GNOME Shell. For some years I also became the maintainer of ATK. But during the past years I have been contributing to Mesa, starting with the OpenGL Intel driver, and now with the Broadcom OpenGL and Vulkan driver, used on the Raspberry Pi series.

About hobbies, I used to play the bass guitar, starting with a band created with some of my faculty friends, called SiVE. In the past I was also member of the Coruña Municipal Music School jazz band, (example2011, example2010) and the indie pop-rock band Los Wattsons. With them I recorded the EP “Toma 1″ and the LP “Escandalo en Bohemia”.