Maemo5 beta SDK is here

Well, I’m not the first one to say that, as Quim, Joaquim, Berto, Claudio and Dape said that yet, but, hey!, the Maemo5 beta SDK is out ! 😛

As it was said before, this Maemo5 change a lot the interaction with the user, as it is documented on the HIG Guidelines and on the Hildon Tutorial, oriented to interact with the screen directly, so now we have “touchable widgets” and panning effects. As a example, we have been working on the HildonTouchSelector widget, used to select a value, and in some way, the touchable equivalent to the GtkComboBox.

Anyway, as Claudio and Berto announced, the big new is that now all the work is done publicly, and now there is a garage project page and a public repository.

Enjoy! 😉