Cally going to GUADEC

I'm attending GUADEC

Somewhat late but just to comment that my talk “Cally: One Year Later” was accepted, so if nothing strange happens, I will attend this year to GUADEC. Four in a row.

A lot of work these days related to Cally. During the accessibility hackfest and talking about how apps should load cally or extend it, Emmanuele Bassi suggested that we should stop to consider Cally as a isolated module. These weeks I have been working in order to make this real, a lot of changes that involves the current Cally and Clutter itself to support it (summarized in one metabug), and AT applications like Orca required some changes when I removed the gdk/gtk dependency.

All the related patches are uploaded, and waiting to be applied, but blocked right now for reasons out of my hands. I hope this will be ready for GUADEC. So with this solved we could forgot to load a Cally module using gmodule. It still remains the atk-bridge, but I think that in this case it still has sense to be an optional module.

And to finalize this rant, this week I uploaded on a version of at-spi (here) . On previous weeks some people on maemo-developers list were interested in use at-spi and other a11y technologies (in this case for automatic testing purposes). The only place to find a proper stack to maemo was an old hildon automatic testing project.

So I just uploaded version of at-spi more recent that the one we can find there. It is still somewhat old, and still CORBA based, but it was tested with maemo, and have some specific maemo fixes applied, so it can be still useful.

The ideal would be try to migrate the current a11y stack, as much as possible, including the DBUS at-spi to maemo, but right now I don’t have enough time to do that.