Finally home after Boston Summit

Although Boston Summit has finished the Monday, I have just arrived at home. In theory I should start to do housecleanings and other home-boring-related things, but basically, after a trip that started the 13th on the afternoon, and finished the 14th on the noon, I simply don’t feel like it.

But about Boston Summit. This was my first Boston Summit, and although the two days wasted on flights and the airports were a pain in the neck (specially american ones if you are non-american), I think that this worth. I was present to several interesting talks like the ones about Clutter 1.2 and the design and internals of Gnome-shell. In the same way I met really interesting people, and I would like to focus on Willie Walker and Joanmarie Diggs, and we have several conversations about Cally, and about the a11y support in future clutter-based applications like Gnome-shell. Joanmarie help me a lot to prioritize the current Cally bugs in order to have a good ORCA support in clutter based applications.

Although Owen Taylor said that Gnome-shell has still a lot of work to do before start seriously to think on the a11y support (as the user interaction could still change), he also says that once the Gnome-shell is there, it will require a good a11y support from the core (Clutter-Cally?), so the support could be added straighfordwardly.

As start to develop a library without a focus would be a bad idea (just start with things not really important), my current idea is try to use Gnome-shell/mutter as a target-aplication to implement the missing features on Cally, as a example of application using it. Although it would change in the future, at least a lot of work would have been done. In the same way, was good to know that Emmanuel Bassi is really open to get a better a11y support and that he includes it in the list of “things” that could require add new API on Clutter 1.2.

At thats all. I hope have written a coherent post, I barely slept on the flight.

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