My last day in GCDS

Like a lot of other fellow igalians, I has been this week on the GCDS (Guadec+Akademy) at the beatiful city of Gran Canaria (beatiful and not as hot as I feared).

Probably I should have made more posts about that, but there were several talks to see, but more important, I used most of my free time to prepare my talk on the GUADEC. This task was scheduled yesterday, at 10:00. Yes, the first talk in the morning. And yes, the day after the sponsored Igalia party 😉 . But in the end there were more people than I expected (although in the same way, I started 5 minutes late by purpose 😛 ).

My talk was about Cally, the Clutter Accessibility Library implementation. In fact we can say that the Tuesday morning was the “Clutter morning”, as there were three talks about Clutter.

Except for the fact that in the middle of the talk the microphone fall to the floor, I think that it was fine. If you are interested, you can download the slides here.

As I said on the talk, currently Cally works, but for a specific scope. So, what about the future?

  • Complete the missing functionality (AtkText: work in progress)
  • Review new clutter-based toolkits (glitter, nbtk, …)
  • Review applications using clutter directly (gnome-shel, …)

Although the GCDS will finish on Friday, this is my last day here (I preferred to go back earlier) . As the song says, “all come to an end“, so I will come back to Coruña tomorrow.

I saw several interesting talks, I met some interesting people and I enjoy all the guadec, but in the same way I’m really tired right now 😉

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