Cally moved to Clutter repository and other news

As some of you already know, at first the Cally git repository was placed on Igalia server, waiting to be moved to the Clutter repositories. As one of the GCDS post-effects, this move was being made. So, the new way to get the Cally source code is:

  • git clone git://

And the development will continue there, so the Igalia one would be closed soon.

In the same way, a new component was added to the O-hand Clutter bugzilla, so now you can open a bug against Cally. Now I will start to transform the über TODO file at Cally in small bugs, in order to track the missing features and other bugs in a sensible way.

I would like to thank Emmanuel Bassi, Ross Burton and Richard Purdie for this move.

Other news:

  • For the people who went to my GCDS talk, I added a branch with the Clutter example I used. This is a heavily modified version of the clutter toy foofone called CrapPhone. This also includes a dogtail script. For the moment it will be maintained as a different branch, as I’m not sure if it is worth to include it with the rest of the examples on the master branch.
  • A first commit related to the AtkText support on ClutterText (CallyText) was pushed on the master, containing the implementation of most of the methods of this interface. It also adds an example (on the examples directory), that tries to use all this methods. This implementation is based on GailEntry, and the methods that still remains are the ones that on GailEntry was based on GailMisc. This library is really tied to Gtk, and some methods are not 100% useful on Cally. Probably a equivalent object (ie: CallyMisc) would be created in order to fulfill this functionality. In the same way, I think that worths to not create über commits, and split this a little. And probably I will start the support for AtkEditableText before finish that.

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