Clutter 1.0 released -> Cally 1.0 has born

Today Emmanuel Bassi finally announced the release of Clutter 1.0.0. Great news.

So, for some hours the Cally master didn’t compile against the clutter master. A new branch (cally-0.9) was created (although probably not required), and the master version was updated. As I explain on the README file at Cally, in order to make life easier, the version of Cally is tied to the version of Clutter, in order to avoid questions like “which version of Cally I need to install in order to support Clutter A.B.C?”. So, Cally 0.9.X will grant accessibility support for Clutter 0.9.Y. X and Y will kept independent, for internal usage, in a similar way to GAIL with Gtk+.

In the same way, I started to reduce the awful TODO file, and create some bugs on the clutter bugzilla, in order to trace the missing stuff and bugs in a sensible way. So, since today, Cally has several bugs.

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