Cally now with examples

The other day Alberto Ruiz reminded me that several functions on the clutter API have changed, so now it uses floats instead of integers.

Testing it, I notice that this lead to some compile errors on cally, but they were solved easily. However, I take this moment in order to add something more important. I realized that could be hard for anyone to to start to play with the library, as at this moment the cally module requires to be loaded by hand. This issue is documented on the TODO file, but I think that should be better to have some code showing how to do that.

In the same way, I think that for basic development process on cally, it is better to have clutter examples on purpose, instead of working on random existing clutter applications.

So, to solve that, I have added a directory in order to start to put the examples. At the moment it only have one, but at least I have added the infrastructure. The first example is really basic (a stage and tree rectangles), but I was able to detect a bug using it 😛

The compilation of the examples are deactivated by default, but you only need to execute the script adding “–with-examples”, in order to compile them.

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