New Igalia hiring: Joanmarie Diggs

I’m really proud to announce new Igalia hiring: Joanmarie Diggs

I think that I don’t require to explain too much why I’m really proud about this hiring. Forgetting biased opinions after working on accessibility stuff with Joanmarie hand-by-hand during last two years, Joanmarie is one of the most passionated free software developers that I ever meet. If you say that you know someone loving more the work that Joanmarie does, doing with more passion and effort you are probably wrong or just lying. Fact: GNOME would be worse without her.

Not too much else to say. The title itself says it all.

7 thoughts on “New Igalia hiring: Joanmarie Diggs”

  1. Igalia team, you’re so lucky! Being tutored by Joanie was for sure my best professional experience until the moment. These are great, great news.

  2. Great news! Igalia needed someone like Joanmarie to work on accessibility. Igalia you are so lucky. I am so glad to know this, congrats Joanie, and Igalia for that decission.

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