Would you like to go a GNOME Accessibility Hackfest in Seville?


On October 6-8 the AEGIS project is hosting its 1st International Conference of AEGIS & 2nd Pan-European Workshop/User Forum in Seville, Spain. We expect to have a significant GNOME accessibility presence at the event, including a booth.

Taking into account the success of the CSUN GNOME accessibility hackfest we would like to try to organize one here as well. Remember that this would be just some weeks after the GNOME 3.0 release, so for sure there will be a lot of things to improve, as the current accessibility GNOME 3.0 checklist is overwhelming. We have started a live gnome page in order to coordinate it. It has just a rough agenda, but the work is in process.

In order to check if it is viable, and to provide a budget for the foundation, we need to know which people would like to attend.

Are you a maintainer of one of GNOME’s assistive technology modules? Are you developing an on screen keyboard? An alternative means for text input? A magnifier? Some trippy head-tracking app? Voice control? Switch access? Something new and exciting for cognitive disabilities? Are you hacking on new features for Orca? Are you working to provide users with disabilities unfettered access to GNOME? Are you working on accessibility tests?

If the answer to any of the above is ‘yes’, we hope you will consider joining fellow GNOME a11y folks at the AEGIS conference this year to help promote GNOME and to hack with fellow AT developers.

We have just added a section called “Hope to attend” on this hackfest wiki page. Please add yourself in this list if you would like to attend this hackfest. Of course, you can also add yourself to the attendee list, AEGIS conference will be there for sure.

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