My first day on Accessibility Hackfest

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Well today was my first day on the Accessibility Hackfest 2010 on San Diego (where my travel and accommodation costs are being funded by Igalia). Really interesting day, where the hackfest were officially started and we touch a lot of interesting things:

  • Testing discussion: integrate a11y testing infrastructure on GNOME, to catch earlier a11y regressions. Better explained in Peter Korn slides
  • a11y leadership: Willie Walker explained how he thinks the leadership should be oriented, and that he thinks that the a11y team should be more involved with the release team
  • Willie Walker made a full review of GNOME 3.0 accessibility planning
  • Bryen Yunashko lead a talk about press strategy
  • AT presentations
  • Eitan Isaacson explained his plans about the GNOME booth tomorrow

And finally the official CSUN keynote. A really busy day. Taking into account that the previous one was mostly a three-flights trip from Coruña to San Diego, I’m just tired and sleepy. Forgive any error in this post. I’m going to bed. Sweet dreams.

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