Random thoughts about a11y on clutter

Clutter and a11y support are important issues related with Gnome, so it is normal that sometimes the question “a11y and Clutter” arise. Some time ago this appears on the desktop devel list, and Emmanuel Bassi closes says that there are a plan for it in the future [1]

And now, this topic has return, this time on the clutter mailing list [2] [3]

Some time ago I was playing with this two topics, and I made some coding tests too. As this codings tests are still too basic, here [4] is a link to a pdf with my first thoughts after this implementation, so anyone could read about it if he wants.

4 thoughts on “Random thoughts about a11y on clutter”

  1. Currently the code is in a pre-alpha status, unstable and not reviewed. I prefer to wait until a “showable” code is available.

    My idea is publish that one of this days. As soon as I made that I will add a post on this blog.

  2. @Sam: you should take a look to the other posts in my blog. The code about grant a11y support for clutter was published some months ago. The library that makes that is called Cally. The posts makes a description about some issues of the library, and his evolution.

    You can take a look to the source in this way:
    git clone git://git.clutter-project.org/cally

    If you found any error (really probable), please create a bug. There is a cally component on the clutter bugzilla:

    Patches are welcome! Thanks for your interest.

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