There’s no place like home II – FOSDEM

This weekend I was present at the FOSDEM 2008.

This is my first “normal day” here at home, as we take advantage of the Monday to visit Bruges

There was several talks, about several themes, Gnome, KDE, Crossdesktop, etc. Some of them interesting other less. Some of the interesting ones:

  • Mamona (I am still wondering where the name came from, because of the meaning of this in spanish 🙂 )
  • Webkit
  • Gnome Developer Kit: this was interesting, among other reasons, because I didn’t know that this effort exists
  • Clutter: although I was waiting “something new”, he talked about clutter, and some news about that, but nothing to say “wow!”, ie: the only thing Emmanuel Bassi said about Tidy was: “this is a reference toolkit based on clutter”
  • Pigment
  • Desktop accessibility & UI Automation: although Michael Meeks doesn’t talk anything about UI Automation

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