There’s no place like home

At the end, the Guadec 2007 has finished.

This is my first “normal day” here at home, as we spent all Sunday trying to return from Birmingham to Coruña. This was a little more difficult than expected, including a two-step landing on Coruña (seems that the “typical english weather” that we see these day on Birmingham reach to Coruña).

After this I can see one phrase: I’m tired. Guadec ES + Guadec sums 12 days flying, living in a hotel, wake up early in the morning, etc. Although I’m sure that people from South America like Germán or Claudio must be very very tired.

On the Guadec I see a lot of interesting things, a random group of this can be:

One thought on “There’s no place like home”

  1. > A way to take two drinks from a machine (I don’t see it personally, but for things like it
    > exists Youtube 🙂 )

    Very interesting, but at the end they don’t manage to get the drink, even being hackers them all, hehe…

    By the way, It’s seemed to be that Alex was there, I think I saw him in the Youtube clip. :-m

    Anyway, nice experience. I hope you all have enjoyed Guadec and have learned a lot of thinks. Continue that way! 🙂

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