New Igalia hiring: Joanmarie Diggs

I’m really proud to announce new Igalia hiring: Joanmarie Diggs

I think that I don’t require to explain too much why I’m really proud about this hiring. Forgetting biased opinions after working on accessibility stuff with Joanmarie hand-by-hand during last two years, Joanmarie is one of the most passionated free software developers that I ever meet. If you say that you know someone loving more the work that Joanmarie does, doing with more passion and effort you are probably wrong or just lying. Fact: GNOME would be worse without her.

Not too much else to say. The title itself says it all.

7 Responses to “New Igalia hiring: Joanmarie Diggs”

  1. David Bolter says:

    Excellent news!
    /me dances

  2. Juanjo Marin says:

    Well done Igalia :-)

  3. Stomme poes says:

    You lucky dogs!

  4. Great decision!

    PS: “Sorry, it seems you didn’t pass math!!” in this blog should rather say “Sorry, you didn’t enable cookies.”

  5. Aline Bessa says:

    Igalia team, you’re so lucky! Being tutored by Joanie was for sure my best professional experience until the moment. These are great, great news.

  6. Bill Finn says:

    You are very smart and lucky to have her on board… and you don’t even know yet how lucky you are.

  7. FCO. Javier Dorado says:

    Great news! Igalia needed someone like Joanmarie to work on accessibility. Igalia you are so lucky. I am so glad to know this, congrats Joanie, and Igalia for that decission.

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