Blogging in the darkness

It has been a long time since i last wrote a post in my blog, my blog is included in several planets so every time i published anything it was published at Planet Igalia, Planet GNOME HISPANO , Planet GPUL and the Planet Caixanova Master on Free Software, but today if finally i finished decided to create different tags for each target of public so i can start using my weblog for a more personal use not only related to Free Software or my work in Igalia. So my family and friends can understand something 🙂
So i am publishing this as my last general post for all the planets i am aggregated

2 thoughts on “Blogging in the darkness”

  1. I didn’t mind too, but i was thinking about creating another personal blog in wordpress or just creating different tags. Regarding to english, spanish, galician and related to each planet. So i could chose what am i posting.

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