Another year in FOSDEM

FOSDEM has already finished this afternoon. It was an interesting conference with a lot of parallel tracks and as my friend Javier Muñoz says “Everytime you go to a talk you feel like you were losing 10 interesting talks”. This year i’ve being changing from different tracks touching a bit of security, kernel, and KDE. This year i’ve decided to review topics i usually don’t follow because here at FOSDEM you can have a nice general picture of the FLOSS movement.

I’ve already seen some people from our GNOME community but i couldn’t attend the GNOME beer event this year because i needed to recover from Friday Beer FOSDEM event in order to get up early to attend some interesting talks today’s morning.

This year we haven’t done so much sightseeing in Brussels, but today evening we have been looking for something really special because Mario was having a craving for 4 kilos high quality cacao mixture similar to Nutella… i hope we have no problem with the chocolates we have bought in the plane.

Tomorrow there is a kind of big storm in Galicia, so i hope our plane could land, in other case we will lost the day in Barajas in transit.

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