Ready for GUADEMY

I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time, the GPUL has released today the Call for Hacking for the GUADEMY, the first GNOME & KDE hackmeeting in Spain. Two years ago, in 2005 i was involved in the organization of the II GUADEC-ES which was really a success. I liked a lot that event because i could bring to Galicia really interesting people who was working with free software and a lot of good friends of the GNOME HISPANO community.

This time with the great support of GPUL, based in the Idea of collaboration and the diversity we have in our LUG, i love GNOME desktop and other people love KDE desktop. We use to collaborate in a talk to the newbies at our faculty of Computer Science where we explain how to use the more extended free desktops (KDE/GNOME).
We also have participated together in our funny talk about KDE and GNOME in our yearly GPUL workshops, explaining the latest improvements of the two desktops.

This year we decided to extend this experience to our nearest community as an experiment, with the objective of create a meeting point where GNOME and KDE community could have a nice weekend, hacking, learning, teaching and coding, in one phrase sharing our knowledge. That’s the most important about Free Software.


We are ready for meeting anyone interested in Free Software Desktops during 23,24 and 25 of march in Coruña, Galicia, in the North-West of Spain.

I want to give thanks to anyone who has helped to get this event here this year, mainly the GPUL people like emilio j (our great president), juanjo and josé millán (authentic kde fans). The same to the people of the GNOME Hispano community and the KDE-HISPANO developers, who were really interested about GUADEMY when it was only an Idea. And i don’t forget about Igalia’s people who had confirmed me their commitment with GUADEMY and all the people that has helped to spread the news about the event like quim, rodrigo, álvaro and esteban. But this couldn’t be posible without the collaboration of CESGA, Mancomún project, the Industry ministry of our regional government the Xunta de Galicia and expecially the University of A Coruña that provides a nice place to organize GUADEMY.

And finally, what it is really important now, we are looking for GUADEMY sponsors. Don’t miss contact with informacion (at) guademy (dot) org if you can help us.