Flying to GUADEMY!

If you are thinking about booking your flight to A Corunha to participate in GUADEMY. These are the official dates you should think to get your planes. You should arrive on Thursday March 22nd at the afternoon/evening and you may go back home on Sunday March 25th after lunch. The GPUL team will have prepared the free GUADEMY accommodation during this period of time.

If you have to flight from/via Madrid there is an special offer from EasyJet until 27th February because they are promoting their new route A Corunha-Madrid. In other case just use Iberia, Spanair or Portugalia, if you come to GUADEMY by plane.
We will open registration next Monday, February 26th 2007.

See you at GUADEMY.

Preparing for GUAdemy registration

Last week we finished the official Call for Hacking for GUADEMY, we have received a lot of interesting hacking proposals. I feel that this first experience of GUADEMY will be fantastic. Almost everybody from GNOME Hispano community has submitted very nice activities. We have also interesting people coming to Coruña as Aaron Seijo from KDE.

We will publish the registration and the hacking proposals early this week. If you forgot about sending your proposal, please send it quick, before we publish the program. We are still looking for Sponsors, if your are interested please contact with the organization.
I’ve been working with the registration forms, and this year we have found and interesting software developed by CERN. That allows to manage from a simple lecture to a complex conference. I think that GUADEC organization should evaluate it. It is called CDS-Indico and is complete developed in python. I have prepared a CDS Indico – Debian – MINIHOWTO about how to install it. If you find any mistake in the instructions please let me know.

Cinq minutes de répit pour la planète

Desde este pequeño espacio en el ciberespacio, me quería unir al llamamiento de L’ALLIANCE pour la planète en el que se nos pide que apaguemos todas las luces de nuestras casas/oficinas durante 5 minutos para despertar la preocupación de la problemática del Cambio Climático en los políticos y medios de comunicación. Esta iniciativa que surgió desde esta asociación francesa, se está difundiendo mediante de Internet, para hoy de 19:55 a 20:00 darle un respiro a nuestro planeta.

Ya se han unido muchas organizaciones, los periódicos gratuitos tenían la noticia en portada hoy por la mañana, así que si os apuntais a darle un respiro a la tierra aunque sólo sea por 5 mínutos, no dudeis en que vuestro consumo electrico sean cero W.

En mi casa ya tengo pensado bajar el diferencial a esa hora.