Why a Master on Free Software?

As you may have seen at several blogs next academic year 2007/2008 Igalia will participate in the initiative: “Caixanova Master on Free Software“. The master will be organized by Caixanova in collaboration with the GSyC/Libresoft group from the University Rey Juan Carlos and Igalia.

The main objective we will deal with this Master is to improve the knowledge about Free Software on recent graduates in technical engineering. Per example, the ordinary studies in Computer Science have a great lack of formation about how the projects and communities of free software are, so there are not many just graduate engineers with any kind of specialisation. And if a student knows anything about free software it was caused because its curiosity during his free time.

Nowadays enterprises and institutions are really interested in professionals with advanced skills on hacking free software projects. Thanks to Caixanova we will have the opportunity to have a master in A Coruña with the support of a great committee of advisors.

As you can see, the academic program has six main subjects: “Free Software Introduction”, “Dynamics of the Free Software Communities”, “Free Software Development”, “Quality on Free Software Development”, “Systems Integration with Free Software” and “Detailed Technical Studies of Free Software Projects”. There will be also a Master Thesis, a Practicum and the participation in different seminars and conferences.

Don’t hesitate to ask us any question you have about this.

GUADEMY experience

It’s a long time since my last post, so if you ask why is this guy writing about GUADEMY its because i haven’t written about that wonderful experience.

I think that GUADEMY was one of the more interesting activities organized by GPUL, the experience of meeting with all GNOME friends and having a nice weekend all together with KDE people was wonderful . I would like this experience could be repeated next year, i don’t know if should be at Coruña again or in another place. But by the moment that many people from the organization would like to repeat this experience.

Even that i sent this post to late, i would like thanking all the people that attended GUADEMY.

By the way DUDESConf was really amazing too.