4 hours for Gran Canaria

Last year i was travelling to Istambul because of GUADEC. Now, after a year, i’m travelling to Gran Canaria to attend the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit, in 4 hours from now i’ll be landing to Gran Canaria. This island is a new destination for me although i’ve been to Canary Islands five times before.

This year we are having a join event with GNOME and KDE people, the program of the event is really exciting, and i expect that our local team isn’t exhausted after the hard work they have been doing during last months. We expect more than 1000 people in the conference so success is assured, although weather seems to be cloudy until tuesday, but this wouldn’t be a problem because temperature is around 24 degrees.

I’m try too keep you informed about how everything is goin in Gran Canaria, and the rest of Igalia crew will give a lot of reports because we are more than 24 people attending Gran Canaria Desktop Summit with several talks in GUADEC track. We are already sponsoring the conference :-).

Don’t forget attending GUADEC-ES, this year we have really good talks.