Playing football again!

After more than one season, after been injured last year playing with Igalia’s team. My knee has a great test yesterday, i played my first match of Football indoor with the team of Computer Science Facultry of the University of A Coruña.
We have a good enought team, and we are leaders alone in the PDI/PAS (Investigation and Teaching Personal / Administration and Service Personal) leage of the University, two victories and no match lost. And my knee seems to be OK. I would like to know how is “Igalia under 70’s team” playing.

I had forgotten, we won 5-1 against Science Facultry team

Nightmare in the Airport.

I arrived at Coruña from the OSWC organizated Malaga last Friday, it was supposed that i would be in Coruña at 11pm. But at 11pm i was still in Madrid Barajas. I was flying from Malaga delayed, the Pilot said there was wind from the south in Barajas, and all the flights were delayed. When the plane was going to take off, a passenger get sick, so we had to wait more time to get an slot in Barajas to land.

I lost my connection to Coruña for 5 minutes, so there weren’t more flights to Coruña this day, and going to Terminal 4 to flight with Iberia would take a lot of time. Finally, we get a ticket to Santiago de Compostela with Air Europa. I run along the Terminal 3 and get the flight, i didn’t know where my suitcases were. I arrived at Santiago, and a guy from Spanair was waiting for us, he give us a ticket for a Taxi to Coruña, and after that i arrived home at 3am. We have to leave the car in Coruña airport because the keys were at Javi’s suitcases.

On saturday morning, i was phoned from Spanair saying that the luggage was at Coruña’s airport, so i take my car and finishid this little nightmare of return journey.

Second day in Malaga.

It’s the second day of the OSWC in Malaga, we have been listening several speakers sesions in this wonderfull Conference Center.

Yesterday, it was an interesting panel about spanish GNU/Linux distributions from diferent regional goverments. I hope that the intentions of collaboration to improve Free Software will help us to get better software and more employement. It seems that all important distributions (Linex, Guadalinex, Max, Lluirex and Molinux) will collaborate and try not to repeat effords previusly done by others.

Thursday morning, there was a panel about european gobernents and free software, I liked the talk given by Barbara HELD about IDABC, they are working in the European Commision to give reasons to Goverments about why Free Software is a good choice.

Finally, I met here some GNOME Hispano people, we’ll talk this afternoon about future actions of the spanish association. I hope we could announce soon new activities and actions to promote GNOME.

Starting blogging!

I’ve just started this weblog to talk about what i’m doing about free software. I hope i could say something interesting for you.

For the moment, i’m preparing a journey to Malaga for next 3 days, from Wed 15 Feb 2005 until 17 Feb 2005. I’ll be at the II Open Source World Conference. It seems that there will be really interesting speakers.

In the other side, i’m really happy because it has been published the website of culture, sports and cooperation of the University of Coruña
I worked last year a lot in this website , and after a long time it’s online. It has and interesting suscription service for the news of activities you can do at University, it has been developed in EzPublish