Nightmare in the Airport.

I arrived at Coruña from the OSWC organizated Malaga last Friday, it was supposed that i would be in Coruña at 11pm. But at 11pm i was still in Madrid Barajas. I was flying from Malaga delayed, the Pilot said there was wind from the south in Barajas, and all the flights were delayed. When the plane was going to take off, a passenger get sick, so we had to wait more time to get an slot in Barajas to land.

I lost my connection to Coruña for 5 minutes, so there weren’t more flights to Coruña this day, and going to Terminal 4 to flight with Iberia would take a lot of time. Finally, we get a ticket to Santiago de Compostela with Air Europa. I run along the Terminal 3 and get the flight, i didn’t know where my suitcases were. I arrived at Santiago, and a guy from Spanair was waiting for us, he give us a ticket for a Taxi to Coruña, and after that i arrived home at 3am. We have to leave the car in Coruña airport because the keys were at Javi’s suitcases.

On saturday morning, i was phoned from Spanair saying that the luggage was at Coruña’s airport, so i take my car and finishid this little nightmare of return journey.