Second day in Malaga.

It’s the second day of the OSWC in Malaga, we have been listening several speakers sesions in this wonderfull Conference Center.

Yesterday, it was an interesting panel about spanish GNU/Linux distributions from diferent regional goverments. I hope that the intentions of collaboration to improve Free Software will help us to get better software and more employement. It seems that all important distributions (Linex, Guadalinex, Max, Lluirex and Molinux) will collaborate and try not to repeat effords previusly done by others.

Thursday morning, there was a panel about european gobernents and free software, I liked the talk given by Barbara HELD about IDABC, they are working in the European Commision to give reasons to Goverments about why Free Software is a good choice.

Finally, I met here some GNOME Hispano people, we’ll talk this afternoon about future actions of the spanish association. I hope we could announce soon new activities and actions to promote GNOME.