Preparing for GUAdemy registration

Last week we finished the official Call for Hacking for GUADEMY, we have received a lot of interesting hacking proposals. I feel that this first experience of GUADEMY will be fantastic. Almost everybody from GNOME Hispano community has submitted very nice activities. We have also interesting people coming to Coruña as Aaron Seijo from KDE.

We will publish the registration and the hacking proposals early this week. If you forgot about sending your proposal, please send it quick, before we publish the program. We are still looking for Sponsors, if your are interested please contact with the organization.
I’ve been working with the registration forms, and this year we have found and interesting software developed by CERN. That allows to manage from a simple lecture to a complex conference. I think that GUADEC organization should evaluate it. It is called CDS-Indico and is complete developed in python. I have prepared a CDS Indico – Debian – MINIHOWTO about how to install it. If you find any mistake in the instructions please let me know.

One thought on “Preparing for GUAdemy registration”

  1. i have installed indico on an ubuntu box using the “how to” you provided but i am experiaencing some problems. When the script you provided is running (ie. when i access indico with in my web browser for the first time) and creating the directory structure under /soft/MaKaC (ie. /soft/MaKaC/tmp) i get an error message from mod_python (OSError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘soft/MaKaC/tmp’
    )… how can i fix this??? what user is the scricpt runnig for??? do i have to change the owner of /soft/MaKaC??? i have been struggling with this for the past few days and can not seem to make it work. Could you send me an explanatory email so i can finish my indico instalation. 10x in advance.

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