GUADEC/aKademy 2009 in Gran Canaria

I have spent some nice days in GUADEC in Istanbul. This year i was not giving a talk but i have the emotion of the bid we presented for hosting GUADEC in 2009. After attending to a lot of interesting talks yesterday the GNOME Foundation announced that next year GUADEC will be co-located with aKademy in Gran Canaria.

I’ve never been to Gran Canaria, but a have a special relation with the Canary Islands. If you check my weblog header it is me with the Teide like background. I have been 5 times in Tenerife and visited La Palma and La Gomera. i have felt in love with these Islands, each one is different with a special charm. I have been waiting for an occasion to go to Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura so next year i have an excuse and i know that Alberto will be a really nice host in Gran Canaria.

At this point i can only say that GNOME Hispano will give all the possible support that we can provide to Alberto and the rest organizers for organizing GUADEC next year, we have had a great commitment in the organization of GUADEC in Vilanova two years ago, so we have the experience needed for helping them as an active part in the organization.

So as i told Alberto i will try to help him about any request and advise he needs. I would like that GNOME community continue wanting to come back to Spain when it is possible, so that we can convince them to come to Galicia in future editions 🙂

Now we should think about a new proposal for organizing an innovative event in Coruña next year but we should think about this in GPUL because we are celebrating our tenth anniversary.

P.D. I hope that all students of the Master on Free Software of Caixanova are working hard while i am “working” in Istanbul.