FOSDEM 2008 Balance

Fosdem 2008 was an interesting experience for me, because it has been the biggest free software conference i have ever been. Fosdem is a community conference so that the presence of companies is not as visible that other ones like the Free Software World Conference of Malaga or even GUADEC where I usually go.

The program was really full of interesting talks with more than 10 parallel sessions about different projects (GNOME, KDE, Java, BSD, Mozilla, Postgresql, Mobile gadgets, Research,, etc… ) so it was impossible to go to all the interesting presentations i wanted.

I attended to the GPG signing party too, it was quite funny and i exchanged my GPG signature with more than 100 persons, i will spend some time this weekend sending them my signature of their GPG public key.

But the most important event for me was the presentation of our Master on Free Software Students, it was presented by Pablo Sangiao and they explained the the application of OpenBRR in order to decide witch is the better GNU/Linux distribution for an average user. Finally the best result in their study was Ubuntu over Fedora, OpenSuse and PCLinux. Here are some photos of the Research Room in FOSDEM durring their presentation.
Research Room FosdemFree Software Master presentation at FOSDEM

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