Next Master on Free Software Lessons

After the hard work that Students have done preparing their presentation for FOSDEM during next weeks we will continue with the subject “Development with Free Software”. The first part of this subject is devoted to get in touch with the platforms and technologies used nowadays in Free Software.

This weekend will be devoted to Ruby and PHP.

Asís García y David Barral from Trabe Soluciones will show the possibilities of Ruby and its web development framework Ruby on Rails. These guys have a lot of experience on this topic and they are working on Free Software in Galicia as we do in Igalia.
Lorenzo Tilve and Xavier Castaño from our web development group in Igalia will teach the PHP Framework.

Next week it will be devoted to the most important Desktop development frameworks GNOME and KDE. The introduction to GNOME as platform based in the combination of the C language and GTK+ will be prepared by Carlos García Campos from the URJC and member of GNOME HISPANO. And the KDE session is being organized by Albert Astals Cid, one of the main KDE developers in Spain. This session will focus on the platform C++ and QT. Both of our Desktop teachers are working in applications related to the presentation of PDFs (Evince and Okular) documents so students will be able to compare different approaches in Desktop Development.