Installing Ubuntu Dapper Drake Flight 5

This afternoon i’ve intalled new Ubuntu Dapper Drake, the alfa version with de codename of Flight 5. Its intallation was really nice and i’m writing this post using it. My laptop is an IBM Thinkpad R51, and i find that all the special keys are running ok, hibernation and suspension run with the default configuration. Even the combination to shut down the wifi connections seems to be running, really useful to save some battery.

I will try to get running following this howto the XGL server to get my gnome desktop really amazing.

GUADEC-ES in Vilanova i la Geltrú

During Malaga Open Source World Conference, GNOME Hispano agreed to promote its participation in next VII GUADEC in Vilanova i la Geltrú , we agreed with Quim Gil the local organizer of the conference in organize the III GUADEC-ES during 24 and 25 of June, the two days pre-GUADEC. We decided to repeat the schema of II GUADEC-ES in Coruña and launch a call for papers and prepare a web for the event.
So i hava almost finished this new web, and i hope that soon we can launch the news of this III GUADEC-ES in Catalonia.

Second day in Malaga.

It’s the second day of the OSWC in Malaga, we have been listening several speakers sesions in this wonderfull Conference Center.

Yesterday, it was an interesting panel about spanish GNU/Linux distributions from diferent regional goverments. I hope that the intentions of collaboration to improve Free Software will help us to get better software and more employement. It seems that all important distributions (Linex, Guadalinex, Max, Lluirex and Molinux) will collaborate and try not to repeat effords previusly done by others.

Thursday morning, there was a panel about european gobernents and free software, I liked the talk given by Barbara HELD about IDABC, they are working in the European Commision to give reasons to Goverments about why Free Software is a good choice.

Finally, I met here some GNOME Hispano people, we’ll talk this afternoon about future actions of the spanish association. I hope we could announce soon new activities and actions to promote GNOME.

Starting blogging!

I’ve just started this weblog to talk about what i’m doing about free software. I hope i could say something interesting for you.

For the moment, i’m preparing a journey to Malaga for next 3 days, from Wed 15 Feb 2005 until 17 Feb 2005. I’ll be at the II Open Source World Conference. It seems that there will be really interesting speakers.

In the other side, i’m really happy because it has been published the website of culture, sports and cooperation of the University of Coruña
I worked last year a lot in this website , and after a long time it’s online. It has and interesting suscription service for the news of activities you can do at University, it has been developed in EzPublish