Last night at Birmingham

I’ve spent last week here at Birmingham attending VII GUADEC. It has been an amazing conference trying to define the future of the GNOME project.

The main discussions have been about the integration of Internet on the desktop and the future of the 3D desktop. This year i haven’t been involved in the organization so i could attend to a lot of talks.

Today i have been preparing my presentation for the BoF “Organizing GNOME events” where i tried to give some indications about what is needed to organanize an event related to FLOSS. The audience was really nice and there was an interesting discussion related to what we need to increase the number of events related to GNOME.

I feel that we should try to define a good documentation related to what is needed to make organization an easier task. Is there is anybody interested in my presentation you can get my Slides here or at GUADEC website.

It was my first presentation in english, so sorry for my accent 🙂