My GNOME Foundation membership

Last november i applied for being member of the GNOME foundation, after reading a post from Quim Gil at the GNOME planet just before the GNOME Foundation board elections.

When i decided to apply for the membership i had to think about what i had done about GNOME last years. I’ve been a GNOME user since the version 1.4 running in my old Debian Distribution.

When i started working at Igalia, we chose GNOME because we thought (and still think) that it was the best platform to develop Desktop Applications. It used standard technologies like CORBA and it was Free Software. I remember that Felipe and Alex went to the GUADEC in Sevilla.

But my first real contact with GNOME community was during first GUADEC-ES in Almendralejo in 2004, there i met face to face the other nice people working in GNOME in Spain, and important part of the GNOME HISPANO community. I presented there the GNOME Barnacle from Fisterra project where i really coded a lot of GObjects. After this first edition Juanjo and me, decided to promote a second edition of the GUADEC-ES at home. We organized the II GUADEC-ES at University of A Coruña with a really great group of collaborators. It was really an successful event and we could bring nice people from Chile as Fernando and Germán, and Ariel from México. It was really funny and some photos can explain it really well.

Last year experience working for the GUADEC 2006 organization in Vilanova and knowing such a fantastic person as Quim provided me reasons for applying membership of the Foundation. At GUADEC i knew all the international world of GNOME, all the volunteers, the speakers , the developers and the lot of friends i made there (i can say that i was in the group of the Mediterranean Sea pioneers as Palomo and ACS at the fluendo party). I prefer not been recognized with the name Quim gave me: “The man with the money”. I’ve almost finished with all the accountability of last year GUADEC, there is only a pending invoice to be paid.

So finally i would like to thank to the people that supported my application: Quim Gil, Rodrigo Moya and Izabel Cerqueira. There were really nice comments about my contributions to GNOME community. Please remember me that i owe you a drink at Birmingan.

I expect include next GUADEMY as my next contribution sharing my efforts with the rest of the people from GPUL.