GUADEMY registration and sponsorship

In GPUL we are really proud about the feedback the community is providing us about GUADEMY. We have received the support of two free software companies like Trolltech and Igalia that have became sponsors of GUADEMY. We are waiting the reply from other companies and institutions for our Call for Funds.

Tomorrow i hope we will publish GUADEMY timetable and the public call for participation. We have only send this news to the people involved in the community, because at GPUL we didn’t want to flood the medias with our activities. We have organized today and interesting workshop about free software and graphics (3d, virtual reality, animations). I feel that is was really an success, because the room was full of people and the speakers were amazing.

If you haven’t registered at GUADEMY yet, please do it quickly, we have at the moment 40 participants registered, and after the public announce we hope that we reach the 80-100 number of participants we are expecting.