Alejandro Piñeiro Iglesias talking.

As you can see my initials form API … the world is filled with coincidences.

I was born at Vigo, but I lived at Coruña for several years, since I was almost 5 years old.

I always liked computer science, first because videogames (do you remember the Atari2600?) let me to be curious about this strange machines, and about how you could make theirs programs. I start to program in some courses at the school an then I continue on a 386 PC at home.

When I grow up I coursed computer science at FIC, and I became a Computer Science Engineer.

Currently I’m a worker at Igalia, working on different GNOME-related projects. During the last times I’m more involved with accessibility. I have worked on the ATK implementation for Clutter. This is the base of the accessibility support for GNOME Shell. I also provided some accessibility code for Unity and others projects. Recently I became co-maintainer of ATK itself.

About hobbies, during the last years my time was basically sucked by music. I play the bass guitar. I began playing with some of my friends some years ago, and we created a band called SiVE (created just two weeks after buying my first bass). Right now I play in three different bands:

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