Evince Sidebar Widget

I was working on evince again. This time I’ve improved the sidebar widget to be nicer, similar to the galeon or nautilus sidebar. It looks pretty good now, at least better than with the combobox

I already have another patch pending to be reviewed by Marco 🙂

Bryan has posted in his blog several bugs that can be fixed soon, some of them are really easy to fix, so if you are interested, take a look at them and enjoy!

Snow in Madrid

Snow in Madrid Snow in Madrid


The website for the second edition of the guadec-es is open now!. This year it will take place in La Coruña, Galicia. I don’t know if I’ll be able to go, because in May I should be studying . . .

Real Madrid

When I finished the exams, I decided that it was the moment to do a cleanup of my desk, specially the drawers, because there were things in there since my earliest school years. One of the things that I found was my Real Madrid membership card

Real Madrid membership card
My Real Madrid membership card


I’ve just finished the exams. There have been the first exams in the URJC. Although I’ve been very busy studying in the last days, I’ve had a little time for hacking.


I love this app. I think it will be the definitive document viewer for GNOME. I’ve added support for DND files


Buoh is a comics reader for GNOME Desktop. The project has been started by zioma and steve-o and they are also maintaining it. I’m very happy because the project is going on!.

Planeta Linups

Finally we have a planet in Linups!!. There are many “linupseros” who have a blog, and it’s very difficult to visit all of them. With the planet I’m sure I will be able to read them. Thanks to zioma and ice-boy, great work!!

GNOME World Wide

Based on the idea of the Debian developers location map, jdub has done the GNOME equivalent.

GNOME World Wide
GNOME developers location map

The future of GST

I was talking with garnacho about the future of GST. The problem of the unidirectional communication between backend and frontend is more and more annoying. Garnacho thinks that it’s the moment to modernize GST. I totally agree.

There are two main goals:

  • Use D-BUS for the communication backend – frontend
  • Make a GObject wrapper for a libgst library

Our first task will be to do the perl bindings for D-BUS, because it seems that there are no bindings yet. Then we’ll be able to start working on the backends for providing a D-BUS service.

We’ll be able to do many things that we can’t with the current architecture, like send notifications from the backend to the frontend (for example when a removable network card is detached).

More information: http://live.gnome.org/SystemToolsBackends

I’m desiring to begin! 🙂