Research in Spain

I’m more and more disappointed with the university. Before start working at URJC I thought that working at uni as a researcher was really great, and ideally after finishing my PhD I could become a teacher. Right now, I’m not even sure whether I want to do the PhD.

Here is an evidence of how so many times being the best is not enough, especially at university:

Antonio is the best teacher I’ve had since I started studying in 1998.

Hopefully I have a wrong idea about the university in general and this kind of things are not so common in other universities.


The last weekend I was at FOSDEM with many people of GSyC (where I’m working since February). It was a great experience.

Just arrived there, we could attend the end of the Richard Stallman talk. Then we all went to the Calibre devroom. First of all Isra made a brief introduction about Calibre, and then Grex started with his presentation.

After the grex talk, acs and I went to the GNOME devroom, it was a little bit difficult to find, because it was moved in the last time. In the presentation jdub asked all of us introduce ourselves. In my opinion it made the GNOME devroom even cosier.

Again in the Calibre devroom Juanjo talked about the Developer Tracking System, it seemed people liked the idea, even grex said that TradeDT (now DeTraS) was the killer-app of the Calibre devroom. Yeah! 🙂

I was very interested in the pvanhoof talk about design patterns with GObject, so I went back to the GNOME Devroom. And the talk didn’t disappoint to me.

Finally on Sunday I was one of the few who got up early to go to the FOSDEM. I wanted to attend the maemo presentation, and was very interested in the svn and valgring talks.

The experience has been really successful.

February 2006

Many things have happened since my latest post, but I haven’t got time for writing, mainly because of the exams. But the exams period is over right now, so I have no excuse.

Nokia 770

Yeah, I also have one of those gadgets. My girlfriend and my sister gave me it as a Christmas present.


It seems I’m going to be there!!! I’m very interested in the GNOME Developer Room, specially pvanhoof talk about design patterns with GObject.

Garnacho is a rock star!


One of the good things of a blog is that you can go back and remember what has happened in the past. These days it’s typical to summarize the most important events of the year.

Here is the summary of 2005 based on my blog:




  • Linups Congress: I was there giving a talk about how to contribute to GNOME.
  • San Pancracio 2004/2005 official photo.
  • GNOME 2.10 is released!
  • GST backends are accepted in freedesktop
  • In the 2.12 plans for GNOME Panel appeared: “dbus interface to manage applets”. I love dbus, so I thought it was a good news.



  • Evince has continuous scrolling!!! It was going to be the definitive document viewer
  • II GUADEC-ES: Took place in A Coruña and was great. I gave a talk about desktop integration in GNOME.


  • Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 (Sarge) is out!
  • Exams :-/



  • GNOME Hispano meeting in Zaragoza.
  • Buoh was very close to a first public release. Steve-o and Zioma were doing a great job.


  • The university classes have started again and it seems Java is everywhere



  • New dates for GUADEC, just after the june exams.
  • Buoh 0.8.1