Pretty nice day of snow!. Joce, Carmen, Alicia and I went today to valdeskqui for skiing. It has been a good day, there were few people and a nice weather.

Yeah! Carmen is improving a lot
Joce, Carmen and KaL
Joce, Carmen and me (promoting GNOME even in the mountain)

Don’t you like java? Ok, then java for everything!

Hehe, it’s exactly what I feel right now. I have, at least, three subjects that require java. I hope I can use the free GNU virtual machine, although it seems I’m going to need the proprietary sun VM.


Yeah! the local league starts again!. We are in the third category again. I hope we can improve the fourth place of the last league, so that we will be able to play in the second category the next year. The first play will take place the next week.

Since I know we have a lot of fans in Planeta GNOME Hispano, I’ll try to keep everybody informed of our defeats and victories 🙂

Exams have finished for me

I had the latest exam on thursday, but I’ve finally decided not to do it. Today, trying to study in the library I’ve realized that I wasn’t going to pass the exam. I’m a bit sad, but in a global view I think it has been a good year, at least in comparison with the other uni years.

I’ve started to think in the end-of-studies project yet. The problem is that I don’t know what to do.


The last week I was in Asturias for a week. I was in a beautiful camping at Luarca with some friends. We had time for doing many things like doing a route on foot, visiting some villages, and of course eating a Fabada Asturiana

Fabada Asturiana
Fabada Asturiana

Asturias has the best landscapes I’ve ever seen

Beach Mountain
Beach Mountains

In additon, Fernando Alonso is currently the most famous Asturian.

More photos in my gallery


I’ve just discovered wily, it’s an acme (the programming environment for Plan 9) for Linux. It’s available as a debian (or ubuntu) package.

Wily: acme for Linux

Anyway, I think I’m going to use emacs for studying plan9 . . . (I hope nemo doesn’t read my blog 😛 )

A month without writing anything

I’ve been very busy the last days and lots of things have been happened.


My paper for the II GUADEC Hispana was accepted. I’m going to talk about the desktop integration in GNOME, I hope the talk will be interesting for the people. The schedule is available in the GUADEC-ES website yet

Interesting discussion about GNOME and fun started by Edd Dumbill on Planet GNOME.

Evince is more and more fast and useful, and it’s the best rated application in gnomefiles right now. Jrb has added support for continuous and dual scrolling, one of the most requested features that in addition I think make the difference with other pdf/ps viewers.


Many works to do . . . It’s the moment to be focused only in uni stuff. There is only one month until the exams

No Software Patents: There were a protest in most of the spanish universities and of course in the URJC too. There are photos of the event in the ACM website. There are also photos and comments in the steve-o’s blog.


Today, I’m going to play the last game of the 2004-2005 season for me. There is another one in two weeks, but I’ll be at GUADEC-ES then. I’m a little bit sad because the league is over, but in the other hand, I’m very happy remembering all of the games played.

The next Friday, there will be a 3 vs 3 championship in my uni (URJC). I already have a team 🙂 with steve-o and gabi. I’m sure it will be very funny

San Pancracio 41 – Cherokee 40

Nerves and Responsibility

We are now at the end of the league, and we had to play against Cherokee. It was a very important game because they are in the second place and we are in the fourth. They were also motivated because in the fisrt round we won in a too easy game

The last sunday, during the training, I hurt two fingers of my left hand. I was very angry, I wanted to play against Cherokee and there was a lot of pain in my fingers. So, I decided to be very careful and bandage my fingers. I also didn’t train in the gym this week. Finally on Saturday I didn’t know if I was going to play. I decided to test myself during the training previous to the game. And yeah!, I felt I could play, with a bit of bandage in my fingers I felt no pain 🙂

Since the first minutes of the game I noticed it was to be a great game. We did an individual defense in the whole game, specially against Jimmy, the best player of Cherokee. And this strategy seemed to work, at least to achive going equal in the scoreboard.

We were losing for 1 point and there was almost no time, then I forced a foul so I had two free throws. I didn’t know neither the scoreboard nor the time, so everybody were more nervous than I was. If I scored the two shots we won the game. I don’t want to think what might have happened if I don’t score any of the shots. Finally I scored only one of them. Ok we didn’t win, but we had now a prorogation.

Five minutes more, without stopping the time and with the same fouls of the fourth quater. So, both teams were in bonus, every foul is punished by 2 free throws. I can’t believe it, at the end of the prorogation we were in the same situation!!. San Pancracio 39 – Cherokee 40, there is no time, and I am in the free throw line. And again, I didn’t know those data. This time I scored the two shots and we won!! It was very exciting, it seemed that we had won the champions league final 🙂

C.B. San Pancracio 2004/05

The best thing of the last horrible game was that we could be all of the team players together and took the official photo

C.B. San Pancracio 2004/05
C.B. San Pancracio 2004/05

Linups congress

There were few attenders in my talk, but at least it seemed that all of them were very interested in how to contribute to GNOME.

Linups congress
It’s very important to follow the HIG 🙂