GNOME 2.12 Timeframe

GNOME 2.10 has been successfully released yet, so it’s time now to work on GNOME 2.12. I have some interesting bugs in CPUFreq Applet, lots of work in GNOME System Tools, and other features I’m really interested in.

CPUFreq Applet

  • #168356: A patch for adding FreeBSD support. I have to review it carefully because it’s a long patch.
  • #168550: I can’t reproduce this bug because I haven’t got a HT processor. I’ll try to fix it by using text files simulating two processors.
  • #160031: It’s a zioma bug in fact. He is going to convert the icons to SVG format. I know he is working on a new application icon too :-))
  • #170492: I disagree with this bug, anyway I would like to know other opinions
  • #164581: I think it’s very important to be able to select governors. However I still don’t know how I’m going to do it. The cpufreq-selector drop down menu could become too big with the frequencies and governors.

GNOME System Tools

There are good news here, the GST backends have been accepted in FreeDesktop!.

There is lots of work to do, because they are going to be important changes in the GST architecture.

Garnacho has started coding, but he hasn’t published anything yet, because he is waiting for the migration of the GST backends from the GNOME CVS to the FreeDesktop CVS. Then, he’ll do a special branch for these changes and I’ll be able to start coding too.

Other interesting features

C.B. San Pancracio 2004/05

The best thing of the last horrible game was that we could be all of the team players together and took the official photo

C.B. San Pancracio 2004/05
C.B. San Pancracio 2004/05

Linups congress

There were few attenders in my talk, but at least it seemed that all of them were very interested in how to contribute to GNOME.

Linups congress
It’s very important to follow the HIG 🙂

Very bad game, very important victory

It seemed to be too easy when we started winning 7-0, but at the end of the first quarter the scoreboard only marked 7-5. In the second quarter we only scored 2 points. We were losing and we needed to do something, so we decided changing to an individual defense. The game started to be better, but we couldn’t be up in the scoreboard until the fourth quarter. It was very difficult, but we won and it’s the most important thing right now.

Linups congress

The next week it will be the Linups annual congress (IV Jornadas de Software Libre en la UPSAM) that will take place in my old University.

  • Homepage: here
  • Schedule and speakers: here
  • Registration: here

I hope to see everybody there!!!