The last weekend I was at FOSDEM with many people of GSyC (where I’m working since February). It was a great experience.

Just arrived there, we could attend the end of the Richard Stallman talk. Then we all went to the Calibre devroom. First of all Isra made a brief introduction about Calibre, and then Grex started with his presentation.

After the grex talk, acs and I went to the GNOME devroom, it was a little bit difficult to find, because it was moved in the last time. In the presentation jdub asked all of us introduce ourselves. In my opinion it made the GNOME devroom even cosier.

Again in the Calibre devroom Juanjo talked about the Developer Tracking System, it seemed people liked the idea, even grex said that TradeDT (now DeTraS) was the killer-app of the Calibre devroom. Yeah! 🙂

I was very interested in the pvanhoof talk about design patterns with GObject, so I went back to the GNOME Devroom. And the talk didn’t disappoint to me.

Finally on Sunday I was one of the few who got up early to go to the FOSDEM. I wanted to attend the maemo presentation, and was very interested in the svn and valgring talks.

The experience has been really successful.

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