The future of GST

I was talking with garnacho about the future of GST. The problem of the unidirectional communication between backend and frontend is more and more annoying. Garnacho thinks that it’s the moment to modernize GST. I totally agree.

There are two main goals:

  • Use D-BUS for the communication backend – frontend
  • Make a GObject wrapper for a libgst library

Our first task will be to do the perl bindings for D-BUS, because it seems that there are no bindings yet. Then we’ll be able to start working on the backends for providing a D-BUS service.

We’ll be able to do many things that we can’t with the current architecture, like send notifications from the backend to the frontend (for example when a removable network card is detached).

More information:

I’m desiring to begin! 🙂