I’ve just finished the exams. There have been the first exams in the URJC. Although I’ve been very busy studying in the last days, I’ve had a little time for hacking.


I love this app. I think it will be the definitive document viewer for GNOME. I’ve added support for DND files


Buoh is a comics reader for GNOME Desktop. The project has been started by zioma and steve-o and they are also maintaining it. I’m very happy because the project is going on!.

Planeta Linups

Finally we have a planet in Linups!!. There are many “linupseros” who have a blog, and it’s very difficult to visit all of them. With the planet I’m sure I will be able to read them. Thanks to zioma and ice-boy, great work!!

GNOME World Wide

Based on the idea of the Debian developers location map, jdub has done the GNOME equivalent.

GNOME World Wide
GNOME developers location map