Open session at Master on Free Software held in Vigo

Last weekend, Master on Free Software organization (Igalia and URJC) arranged an open session in Vigo.

First of all, thanks to NovaCaixaGalicia because they offered us a meeting room to hold this session.

More than 20 people attended the session and 5 people from “Master network” put forward their experiences around free software. Some interesting topics:

  • Jesús M. González Barahona talked about FLOSSMetrics
  • Roberto Vieito explained a translation methodology and gave us a gift result of applying the methodology ;).
  • Pablo Sanxiao talked about Icarto and gvSIG.
  • Andrés explained how to manage R&D with free software tools.
  • And, Xulio told us his experience with big companies and free software.

Thanks to lecturers and attendants. This open session wouldn’t happen without your help :).

I would like to remind that you can already enroll yourself in any of the modules (desktop/mobile and web development). We have just updated the program for the module.

See full summary at Master website.

A photo of the first lecture:

Open session at Master on Free Software – March, the 18th

Master on Free Software organizes an open session in March, the 18th. People from the master network will talk about their experiences around free software explaining different projects and activities they are taking part.

Jesús María Barahona, teacher and researcher at Systems and Communications group (LibreSoft) and contributor to different books and articles about Free Software, is going to participate in this session. Moreover, some ex-students will talk about their experiences and activities. More information about this event in this page.

The event is free and open but registration is necessary in order to control capacity.

NavalPlan goes to FOSDEM

I, as part of NavalPlan team, am going to FOSDEM this weekend. I’ll be there to learn from other people but I’ll also be available to explain NavalPlan to these people interested in knowing more about the project.

I’ll be wearing this t-shirt:

So, if you are interested in NavalPlan don’t hesitate to ask me about it.

NavalPlan is a free software web project planning tool developed and Igalia is one of the main contributors. Main features are:

  • Multiproject management. It offers a global vision of the company managing several projects sharing resources.
  • Group resource allocations: dynamic groups based on criteria.
  • Flexible calendars.
  • Configurable Gantt charts from Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).
  • Resource Breakdown Structure chart.
  • And much more….

Systems administration module enrolment period is open

Master on Free Software Projects Development and Management offers a set of specialization courses inside the master. First module is “Systems administration” and it is taught between December and February. These courses are very useful for people interesting on free software administration and development. Enrolment period is open until December, the 10th for systems module.

More info at:

Master on Free Softare – Vigo edition

This is the last week for enrolment in Master on Free Software (Vigo edition). If you have doubts about the master ;), please contact with us and we will answer all of them…

On the other hand, if the master is interesting for you but you prefer specific courses, we will offer some modules during next year:

  • Systems administration with free software
  • Desktop&Mobile development with free software
  • Web development with free software

These modules will be announced and new enrolment period will be open for them. Stay tuned!

Round table at Master on Free Software

Master on Free Software open sessions were closed during last weekend with a round table and a seminar.

First of all, thanks to speakers and attendants for coming. We talked during three hours about different topics:

  • Free software and public administration.
  • Free software and industry.
  • Free software opportunities in Galicia.

It was a very interesting debate and I would like to stress some interesting conclusions:

  • Public administration should use “open standards” and deploy “free software”. Although, there are big debates about how to define “open standard” and free software deployment is not easy in short-term.
  • Galician free software sector is in good shape comparing with other regions with over 30 companies in Agasol (Galician association of free software companies) offering more than 300 jobs and invoicing more than 18M€.
  • Free software offers big opportunities to export knowledge from Galicia, having some advantages regarding languages (opening doors in Portuguese countries and Spanish countries). However, Galicia will need to break the English language barrier :).

NavalPlan development courses

As part of NavalPlan project, Igalia is going to teach NavalPlan development courses. These courses are interesting for companies that would like to study how NavalPlan works, how to develop it and how to integrate with it.

NavalPlan is an application to schedule and manage projects (not only for Naval :)) that allows any user to work with several projects at a time having a good view of company projects status. NavalPlan is free software. More info at [1] and [2]. Take a look…



Last weekend sessions – Master on Free Software

Last weekend I attended four very interesting lectures about how Agasol companies are making business around free software. These four examples are: Quobis, Pexego, Bdunk and Aitire. Thanks them to come to explain their products to us.

Next week, Master on Free Software will continue its open sessions with:

  • Round table: “Free software and employment in local environment and international possibilities”.  Andrés Estévez (Blusens), Javier Jardón (Gnome Foundation), Pablo Sangiao (Icarto) and people from Igalia. Moderator: Juan José Sánchez Penas. Igalia.
  • “Enxeñería lingüística e software libre”. José Ramom Pichel. Imaxin Software.

I recommend you to attend this sessions, they are going to be very interesting ;). More information in master website.