Open session at Master on Free Software held in Vigo

Last weekend, Master on Free Software organization (Igalia and URJC) arranged an open session in Vigo.

First of all, thanks to NovaCaixaGalicia because they offered us a meeting room to hold this session.

More than 20 people attended the session and 5 people from “Master network” put forward their experiences around free software. Some interesting topics:

  • Jesús M. González Barahona talked about FLOSSMetrics
  • Roberto Vieito explained a translation methodology and gave us a gift result of applying the methodology ;).
  • Pablo Sanxiao talked about Icarto and gvSIG.
  • Andrés explained how to manage R&D with free software tools.
  • And, Xulio told us his experience with big companies and free software.

Thanks to lecturers and attendants. This open session wouldn’t happen without your help :).

I would like to remind that you can already enroll yourself in any of the modules (desktop/mobile and web development). We have just updated the program for the module.

See full summary at Master website.

A photo of the first lecture:

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