Round table at Master on Free Software

Master on Free Software open sessions were closed during last weekend with a round table and a seminar.

First of all, thanks to speakers and attendants for coming. We talked during three hours about different topics:

  • Free software and public administration.
  • Free software and industry.
  • Free software opportunities in Galicia.

It was a very interesting debate and I would like to stress some interesting conclusions:

  • Public administration should use “open standards” and deploy “free software”. Although, there are big debates about how to define “open standard” and free software deployment is not easy in short-term.
  • Galician free software sector is in good shape comparing with other regions with over 30 companies in Agasol (Galician association of free software companies) offering more than 300 jobs and invoicing more than 18M€.
  • Free software offers big opportunities to export knowledge from Galicia, having some advantages regarding languages (opening doors in Portuguese countries and Spanish countries). However, Galicia will need to break the English language barrier :).

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