LSWC’12 opening soon!

One week to Libre Software World Conference 2012 or LSWC’12 and there are almost 400 people enrolled to the event. Next Friday, the 12th the enrollment period will close and there will be no more time to sign up for the conference. Hence, hurry up if you don’t want to want to be left out of the enrollment. 

Agenda is almost closed and it is publicly available in our website.

I would also like to say that Master On Free Software organized by Igalia and URJC in Galicia is sponsoring this event and it will keep the enrollment period until the conference is over. If you would like to listen about it we will be talking on Friday, the 19th at 10:30 as part of LSWC’12. Do no hesitate to get in touch with us to learn what this master can do for you. High percentage of ex-students are very happy with having studied our master thanks to our practical approach to all the subjects.

More information about the master in the website:

Open session at Master on Free Software – March, the 18th

Master on Free Software organizes an open session in March, the 18th. People from the master network will talk about their experiences around free software explaining different projects and activities they are taking part.

Jesús María Barahona, teacher and researcher at Systems and Communications group (LibreSoft) and contributor to different books and articles about Free Software, is going to participate in this session. Moreover, some ex-students will talk about their experiences and activities. More information about this event in this page.

The event is free and open but registration is necessary in order to control capacity.

Round table at Master on Free Software

Master on Free Software open sessions were closed during last weekend with a round table and a seminar.

First of all, thanks to speakers and attendants for coming. We talked during three hours about different topics:

  • Free software and public administration.
  • Free software and industry.
  • Free software opportunities in Galicia.

It was a very interesting debate and I would like to stress some interesting conclusions:

  • Public administration should use “open standards” and deploy “free software”. Although, there are big debates about how to define “open standard” and free software deployment is not easy in short-term.
  • Galician free software sector is in good shape comparing with other regions with over 30 companies in Agasol (Galician association of free software companies) offering more than 300 jobs and invoicing more than 18M€.
  • Free software offers big opportunities to export knowledge from Galicia, having some advantages regarding languages (opening doors in Portuguese countries and Spanish countries). However, Galicia will need to break the English language barrier :).

Last weekend sessions – Master on Free Software

Last weekend I attended four very interesting lectures about how Agasol companies are making business around free software. These four examples are: Quobis, Pexego, Bdunk and Aitire. Thanks them to come to explain their products to us.

Next week, Master on Free Software will continue its open sessions with:

  • Round table: “Free software and employment in local environment and international possibilities”.  Andrés Estévez (Blusens), Javier Jardón (Gnome Foundation), Pablo Sangiao (Icarto) and people from Igalia. Moderator: Juan José Sánchez Penas. Igalia.
  • “Enxeñería lingüística e software libre”. José Ramom Pichel. Imaxin Software.

I recommend you to attend this sessions, they are going to be very interesting ;). More information in master website.

Master on Free Software extraordinary enrollment period

Extraordinary “Master On Free Software” enrollment period is open until October, the 1st.

All the information is available in Master website where you can check enrollment conditions in extraordinary period. Don’t forget that it is possible to get some discounts during this time.

Don’t forget that open sessions are going to be held in September and they are free.

Master on Libre Software: Open sessions in September

Master on Libre Software has published its open sessions in September in A Coruña. They are open and free to public, but registration is required because capacity is limited.

September, the 3rd, Friday:

  • Session: “Free software projects in Agasol companies”
  • Timetable: 16:00 – 19:00
  • Participants:
    • OpenERP: Santiago Argüeso. Pexego
    • Asterisk: Iago Soto. Quobis

September, the 4th, Saturday:

  • Session: “Free software projects in Agasol companies”
  • Timetable: 10:00 – 13:00
  • Participants:
    • Processing e Arduino: Moncho Pena. Bdunk
    • eBox: Alejandro Escobar. Aitire

September, the 10th, Friday:

  • Round table: “Free software and employment opportunities in local and international environments”
  • Timetable: 17:00 – 20:00
  • Participants:
    • First and second year graduates, with experience in public administration, working for third parties and freelance.

September, the 11th, Saturday:

  • Seminar: “Enxeñería lingüística e software libre”
  • Timetable: 10:00 – 14:00
  • Participants:
    • José Ramom Pichel. Imaxin Software.

September, the 17th, Friday:

  • Round table: “Free software in local industry and international opportunities”
  • Timetable: 17:00 – 20:00
  • Participants:
    • Roberto Vieito. Fundación para o Fomento da Calidade Industrial e o Desenvolvemento Tecnolóxico de Galicia
    • Luis Alberto Fernández. Agasol manager.
    • Roberto Brenlla. Tegnix partner.
    • David Pardo. Corunet partner and Agasol vice president.

September, the 18th, Saturday:

  • Seminar: “Web search basics with Lucene and Nutch”
  • Timetable: 10:00 – 14:00
  • Participants:
    • Roi Blanco. Yahoo Research Barcelona.

More information in:

Master on Free Software

Tomorrow is the last day to register in Master on Free Software, organized by Igalia and URJC. I would like to encourage everyone in doubt to join this master because you will learn and work a lot :), if you need more information you could access to our website.

During last days, Chema and me have been talking to some radios explaining how this master is and I hope some of you could listen to us :).

Go for it!.

Learning LDAP

Last weekend I gave a class where our Master students could learn basic concepts related with LDAP. This class was part of  “Systems Integration with Libre Software” subject inside the “Master On Libre/Free Software”. In order to put these concepts in practice we created a basic LDAP and we configured our systems to authenticate through PAM with a LDAP. During the class, the students configured a very simple LDAP with these data:

  • Base DN: dc=mswl,dc=com
  • Users branch: ou=People,dc=mswl,dc=com
  • Groups branch: ou=Groups,dc=mswl,dc=com

All the students were able to configure their own LDAP with a user and a group to test it. Once they had our LDAP configured, they could configure PAM to authenticate users, using, a module that allows to configure PAM with an existent LDAP server. For example, authenticating users that only exists in our LDAP.

All the information related with this class has been uploaded to the Master’s Moodle.

I hope the students enjoyed this class! 🙂

Systems Integration with Libre Software subject

Next Saturday, I’m bringing to a close the subject I coordinate: Systems Integration with Libre Software which was set out in five different topics:

  • Services related with systems and network administration.
  • Web services related with web systems administration.
  • Workshop on systems integration.
  • Scripting.
  • Network, user and physical security.

Berto, Javi Muñoz, Quique and me have been the teachers, but we counted on Marcelo Branco who gave a talk about “Libre Software and open standards in Public Administration”.

During this subject we have tried to teach in a practical way testing almost all the topics while the teacher was explaining the concepts. Thanks to this approach our students have been able to develop a custom Single Sign On and a Soap Server, analyze the configuration of different servers (Apache, LDAP, etc.), practice firewalling and some hacking concepts or develop some scripts in bash and perl. You can download documents and examples from URJC Moodle.

Next Saturday I’m going to have a debate with the students about all the subject and I will try to obtain some feedback in order to improve it for the next Master on Free/Libre Software in Vigo.