Learning LDAP

Last weekend I gave a class where our Master students could learn basic concepts related with LDAP. This class was part of  “Systems Integration with Libre Software” subject inside the “Master On Libre/Free Software”. In order to put these concepts in practice we created a basic LDAP and we configured our systems to authenticate through PAM with a LDAP. During the class, the students configured a very simple LDAP with these data:

  • Base DN: dc=mswl,dc=com
  • Users branch: ou=People,dc=mswl,dc=com
  • Groups branch: ou=Groups,dc=mswl,dc=com

All the students were able to configure their own LDAP with a user and a group to test it. Once they had our LDAP configured, they could configure PAM to authenticate users, using pam_ldap.so, a module that allows to configure PAM with an existent LDAP server. For example, authenticating users that only exists in our LDAP.

All the information related with this class has been uploaded to the Master’s Moodle.

I hope the students enjoyed this class! 🙂

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