Systems Integration with Libre Software subject

Next Saturday, I’m bringing to a close the subject I coordinate: Systems Integration with Libre Software which was set out in five different topics:

  • Services related with systems and network administration.
  • Web services related with web systems administration.
  • Workshop on systems integration.
  • Scripting.
  • Network, user and physical security.

Berto, Javi Mu├▒oz, Quique and me have been the teachers, but we counted on Marcelo Branco who gave a talk about “Libre Software and open standards in Public Administration”.

During this subject we have tried to teach in a practical way testing almost all the topics while the teacher was explaining the concepts. Thanks to this approach our students have been able to develop a custom Single Sign On and a Soap Server, analyze the configuration of different servers (Apache, LDAP, etc.), practice ´╗┐firewalling and some hacking concepts or develop some scripts in bash and perl. You can download documents and examples from URJC Moodle.

Next Saturday I’m going to have a debate with the students about all the subject and I will try to obtain some feedback in order to improve it for the next Master on Free/Libre Software in Vigo.

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