London again and again :)

Last weekend Chema and me were working in London. Although it can sound strange, we were looking for a flat.

Why is Igalia looking for a flat? It is simple, one of our main goals is to be able to work in a complete English environment, developing, writing, listening and speaking in English. Last year we had an item in our budget for a subsidy to go abroad to learn English. However, this year, we have changed this item to take advantage of the amount of money we are going to spend.

This flat will be available for the members of the assembly to go to London to learn English or to work in a complete English environment during several weeks.

The first step of this experiment was to get the flat. At this moment we are in the process of renting it. You can see one of our bedrooms:
One double bedroom
Now we have to prepare it for living there, establish some rules for share the flat between us and then, we only need to enjoy it!.

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